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In the common definition these systems have a completely segregated track, mostly underground.
The traditional metros can reach high capacities (> 10000 pphpd) thanks to the segregated tracks and to the signalling systems (with related high frequencies); the heavy impact of the construction works has been reduced by the adoption of bored tunnel machines (TBM), instead of the cut&cover method (which is mostly used for the stations).

The recent tendency in the metro systems development (expecially for middle-high rank towns) is going towards light metros, characterized by short rolling stock (and, conseguently, short stations), high frequencies (normally between 3' and 65'') and, often, by driverless operations. These aspects allow a remarkable reduction of the construction costs related to the infrastructures, with transport capacity values comparable to the heavy metro systems. Light metros also assure an easier insertion in the urban context (expecially in the old towns centers).

"Premetro" and "Stadtbahn" systems can also be classified in the metro category; they generally have ground level (but traffic segregated) tracks in the suburban areas and underground sections in the central areas; in many cases the underground central segments are utilized (at least in a first phase) by existing LRT/tram rolling stock (see Bruxelles, Stuttgard), while in further phases metro-like rolling stock can be adopted transforming the initial system in a properly-said full metro.

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News 2007
  • Nov 07
  • - Nice: the first line of the new tramway system opened on 24 november 2007
  • - Le Mans: the first line of the new tramway system opened on 17 november 2007
  • Oct 07
  • - Sevilla: the first stretch (Prado-Plaza Nueva section) of the new tram line MetroCentro (T1) opened on 28 october 2007
  • - Rotterdam: RandstadRail resumes operations after 1 year of prudential shut down for technical investigations
  • Sep 07
  • - Edimburgh: 75 M Euro contract signed with CAF for the delivery and manteinance (30 years) of 27 tramcars for the new tramway system
  • Jul 07
  • - Madrid: ML2 and ML3 (Metro Ligero) second and third line opened on 27 July 2007 (Alstom Citadis system)
  • - Bordeaux: Line B tramway extension (Quinconces-Bassins a Flot) opened on 23 July 2007
  • - Milan: Mattei-Precotto-Anassagora extension of Metrotranvia Interperiferica Nord (Line 7) opened in July 2007
  • Jun 07
  • - Toulouse: Line B (driverless metro) opened on 30 June 2007 (Siemens VAL system)
  • - Marseille: the renewed tramway system re-opened on 30 June 2007
  • - Tenerife: Tranvia de Tenerife opened on 30 June 2007
  • May 07
  • - Madrid: ML1 (Metro Ligero) first line opened on 24 May 2007 (Alstom Citadis system)
  • - Parla: Tranvia de Parla first section opened on 06 May 2007 (Alstom Citadis system)
  • Apr 07
  • - Lisbon: the first stretch (Corroios-Cova da Piedade) of a modern LRT line (MTS-Metro Transportes do Sul) has been opened on 30 April 2007
  • - Palma: the first line (Line 1) of Palma de Mallorca metro system opened on 25 April 2007
  • Mar 07
  • - Padoua: the first tram-on-tyres line (SIR1, Translohr system) opened on 24 March 2007 along Stazione FS-Guizza route
  • Jan 07
  • - Bilbao: line 2 (LRT) extension from Sestao to Portugalete opened on 20 January 2007
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