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In the years '90s Porto municipality decided to reduce the heavy congestion of road traffic introducing a new transit network (Metro do Porto, light metro system). Metro do Porto is similar to premetro/stadtbahn systems, combining underground sections through the city centre and ground level segments obtained by the conversion to metro opetration of some elder metric gauge local railways.
Metro do Porto first line (Line A) opened in 2002 (Senhor de Matosinhos-Trindade) and it was extended in 2004 (Trindade-Estadio do Dragao).
The second metro line (Line B) opened in 2005 (Senhora da Hora-Pedras Rubras) and it was extended in 2006 (Pedras Rubras-Povoa de Varzim).
Line C opened in 2005 (Fonte do Cuco-Forum Maia) and was extended in 2006 (Forum Maia-ISMAI).
Line D opened in 2005 (Polo Universitario-Camara de Gaia, Camara de Gaia-Joao de Deus) and it was extended in 2006 (Polo Universitario-Hospital Sao Joao), 2008 (Joao de Deus-D. Joao II) and 2011 (D. Joao II-Santo Ovķdio).
Line E opened in 2006 (Verdes-Aeroporto); Line F opened in 2011 (Estadio do Dragao-Fanzeres).
Lines A, B, E and F share part of their tracks (Senhora de Hora-Estadio do Dragao); relevant network interchange points are located af Trinidade stop (served by Lines A, B, D, E, F) and Sao Bento stop (railway station, served by Line B).
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datesection nameline
07-12-2002Senhor de Matosinhos-TrindadeLine A
06-06-2004Trindade-Estadio do DragaoLine A
13-03-2005Senhora da Hora-Pedras RubrasLine B
18-03-2006Pedras Rubras-Povoa de VarzimLine B
30-07-2005Fonte do Cuco-Forum MaiaLine C
31-03-2006Forum Maia-ISMAILine C
17-09-2005Polo Universitario-Camara de GaiaLine D
10-12-2005Camara de Gaia-Joao de DeusLine D
31-03-2006Polo Universitario-Hospital Sao JoaoLine D
27-05-2008Joao de Deus-D. Joao IILine D
15-10-2011D. Joao II-Santo OvídioLine D
27-05-2006Verdes-AeroportoLine E
02-01-2011Estadio do Dragao-FanzeresLine F
(last modified February 19, 2017 )
Single line length (Km)
Line A:15.6
Line B:33.6
Line C:19.6
Line D:9.2
Line E:16.7
Line F:17.4
Single line stops
Line A:23
Line B:35
Line C:24
Line D:16
Line E:21
Line F:24
Single line avg. distance (km)
Line A:0.7
Line B:1.0
Line C:0.85
Line D:0.6
Line E:0.85
Line F:0.75
Total track length (km)
Total network stops
Avg. stop net distance (km)
steel wheels
750 V DC overhead
Type of guide/gauge
standard gauge rails (1435 mm)
Vehicles builder
Eurotram,Flexity Swift
(last modified February 19, 2017 )